A Simple, Mindful Practice to Help You Let Go of Stress and Tension

Trisha Dunbar (She/Her)
2 min readDec 13, 2021
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After a long hard day at work, you can sometimes feel stressed and rather tense.

Becoming more mindful of stress and tension can actually help you to let go of it!

For this exercise, you need to stand. Bend your legs slightly, a couple of times to ensure your weight is evenly distributed.

Notice if you have a preferred side — maybe more weight distributed on the left side?

Next tense up your whole body, including legs bum, hands, and face.

Hold for a count of 3 and then let go.

As you let go notice how your body is now feeling.

Do this 3–5 times and then reflect.

This is an exercise I tend to do several times throughout the day and it not only helps release stress and tension from my body!

Fit$ wrote about Shinrin-Yoku, which translates to ‘forest bathing’, if you are still feeling a little tense or stressed after completing this exercise head down to your local green area and soak up the natural elements whilst taking a few deep breaths.


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Trisha Dunbar (She/Her)

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