Journey of a Dyslexic Writer, Part 1

Trisha Dunbar (She/Her)
4 min readJul 15, 2022


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Dearest readers,

I’ve been writing on this platform for a little over a year now and have published almost 200 stories online.

I write for self-expression, but also to inspire.

I have dyslexia so I don’t find writing easy, in particular spelling, but I do love storytelling and sharing information and things I’ve learned along the road. At 40, I have clocked up a lot of miles and have seen a lot of things.

My writing has a purpose I want to show the world that dyslexics can be writers. I also want to empower people from all around the globe to share their stories.

Everyone has a story to tell. And I love to read them.

In the past year, I’ve built a community of thousands of people. Thank you for reading and sharing my stories.

I love to experiment with this platform — I’ve had an idea for the next 3–6 months I want to take you on the writing journey with me.

I plan to publish a monthly open letter to you, my readers sharing my latest stories and my favourite stories I’ve read each month.

I’m not sure if publishing these open letters direct to you will be a ‘good’ idea or not — only time will tell.

I see it as a way of connecting with you a little better. I would love to read your responses about this and also what you would love to see me write about in the future.

I want to get to know my readers a little better give me one random fact about you — the more random the better.

I once had a pet lobster called Larry.


At the time I writing this I am a top writing in reading and 4/5 other topics. Why reading?

I tend to read 10–20 stories a day and a whole non-fiction book (or two) a week. Here’s what I’m currently reading.

My plan is to take at least one key action from each the books I read and apply it too life.


This year I’m also on a mission to learn 12 skills in 12 months. I’ve received some responses from you asking how I am getting on.

I thought these monthly open letters could give you little updates.

This month is all about stretching!

I’ve already pulled next month’s topic out of the jar. I do it mid-month to allow me to prepare. For next month I pulled the ‘wildcard’ … ❓

Favourite Stories This Month

From J.J. Pryor his perspective on the New Medium CEO — I had the opportunity to connect with Tony this week. I asked if tipping would be an option. This is something that is being looked at, but not promised. However, the app is something that he is seriously interested in improving. Being able to edit is the no. 1 request Tony is getting, so fingers crossed this really is addressed.

Darshak Rana shares the 5 signs that a person might by highly intelligent. I like this as he kinda captures the ‘dyslexic skillset’ In terms of holistic thinking, creativity and Curiosity.

As countless publications close their doors where do we write? if you are looking for somewhere to share your stories check out Kristina God’s list of top publications to write for in 2022. Kristina’s articles are always well researched and she shares some really great things on how to improve as a writer.

Are you new to online writing and have any questions!?! I am happy to support anyway I can.

Until next time, keep reading and if you write, keep writing.

If your in the UK and Europe try to say cool in this heatwave.

Trisha Xx



Trisha Dunbar (She/Her)

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