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😈 Restoring some order to adulting chaos one badge at a time…

Trisha Dunbar (She/Her)
2 min readJun 10, 2024
Rebel badge book — Charly Lester

So, supposedly I’m in my 40s now! Well a couple of years in almost…

I’m hoping to hold myself accountable for the ambitious task I’ve set for myself — that is …

Going back to my youth to restore some order to my chaos one badge at a time.

The Rebel Badge Club is a lot like Guides and Scouts but for adults!

3–6 Months of Rebeling

I’m not going to lie I do like a challenge and I’m already doing some of the activities — this will give me some organisation, accountably, a structured syllabus to follow and some badges too.

Although the badges are cool, it’s the experiences and pushing out of my comfort zone over the next 3–6 months that I’m looking forward too.

I’m hoping to learn some new skills along the way, continue to improve my fitness and make time to write again.

Here’s my Rebel Badge Tracker Page!

The Load Down

Each badge is designed to take between 1 month to 6 months. Some people do one badge at a time.

Me, being me is planning to see how many badges I can achieve within the next 3 months!

Whilst working full time, adulting and continuing my strength training. Ironically there are actual badges for adulting and fitness 😊

The categories are…

  • Creativity
  • Global
  • Grown up (much needed focus)
  • Self Aware
  • Wellness (my main focus)
  • And Wild 😉

The Master Plan…

Over the next 3–6 months I plan to do a few topics from each category. This includes adulting, art, adventurer to camper, chef, community service, environmentalist, gardening, fitness, mindfulness, diarist, reading and writing.

You can follow my progress here: Rebel Badge Tracker Page. Welcome to my Rebel Badge Tracker Page!

Wish me luck!

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