The Beginner’s Guide to Earning Coins and Exclusive Items in Garden Paws

Five things you need to know…

Trisha Dunbar (She/Her)


Next to the Sims, Garden Paws has become one of my favourite simulation games. You can read my review here. This adorable game is now available on Nintendo Switch and Stream.

I’ve been playing this game for a little over 2 years now so decided to make a list of what I wish I had known before I started plating this game…

5 Things you need to know about Garden Paws…

1. Setting up shop & making money

There are plenty of things to sell even earlier on in the game, but there are a few great ways to earn some serious money. I’d recommend focusing on the expansion of the shop early on in the game.

Collecting Daisies — Pamela, a unicorn shopkeeper who is happy to trade unique items in exchange for materials can be found on Ferret Island in the South (on the river map it will be a small island to the East). It’s not an easy location to get to so you may need to first acquire the glider or build a bridge. Depending on the season other unique objects may appear. The great thing here is you can trade daisies for items than can sell for 100s if not 1000s!

For example: x50 daisy = daisy rug worth 525 coins x100 daisy = Daisy Light worth 1050 coins

Paper making — Early on in the game paper is a quick and easy way to earn money. Paper is crafted in the Quick Crafting Menu (T on keyboard). You need 10x plant fibre for one paper. Thankfully fibre is spawned across the game. Paper is worth about 51 so a stack of 50 paper will give you 2550 coins.

Bouquets — unlock the ‘Flower Station’ to turn those flowers you collect into beautiful bouquets that you can then sell in your shop. Early on white and yellow flower bush can be collected and found in chests across the islands. These can sell for 500–600 coins and can stack to 10.

Cooking — As soon as you can make the Cooking Station and Oven! You need to unlock the blueprints for…



Trisha Dunbar (She/Her)

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