Building a Bot

🤖My pet project, meet Marty…

Trisha Dunbar (She/Her)


Marty the Robot

As the world went into yet another lockdown in 2021 a mysterious package arrived for my daughter!

She opened it to find a bunch of parts.

I don’t know about you, but I learned how boring the school curriculum was during the forced homeschooling.

So, I thought about shaking things up a little.

The package contained our project — to build and programme a robot.

Not just any robot a Robitical one called Marty.

My girl would be introduced to the world of STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

The Making of Marty

Everything we needed was in one neat package.

Each step was clearly illustrated and the whole assembly process seemed simple…or so I thought!

Packaging from Robotical, Marty the Robot.

Half a day later we were done and Marty was doing the most amazing moon walk…

…until I discovered I had in fact put his legs on backwards!

Another hour later and Marty was fully assembled and ready to go.


My daughter was in charge of getting him connected to the network and calibrated via an app I downloaded on my phone.

It was great watching Marty come to life!

I’d thought we would need to do some programming in Python (or blocks) before we saw any movement.

Nope, remote control movement.

Watching him take his first steps was so awesome.

The plastic and metal parts were now a fully functioning robot with huge personality.

Projects should be fun, entertaining and educating. Especially when it’s a new field you are exploring.

We shared our project and before we knew it had inspired others to take on robot building projects too.

Marty V2



Trisha Dunbar (She/Her)

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