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Descended from mudlarkers, Romani-Gypsies, West Indians and Naval folki, I’m the founder of Language Learners Journal. Which was an award winning online blog looking at a more mindful approach to learning and teaching languages. Host of the #BookClub5252: Reading for self-development and growth. Fan of pushing myself out of the comfort zone with #100Daysof challenges! I’ve now moved across to the Medium community and look forward to connecting and sharing my writing with you.

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Learn to master your thinking to improve your writing

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Sometimes when we write we really can be our very own worst critic. This may stop us from pushing the publish button, decrease our motivation, and even increase the risk of us giving up on our dreams. So, what are these unhelpful thinking habits holding us back and what can we do about them in order to improve our writing?

1. Letting go of perfectionism

Writing high-quality, well-researched pieces is important, but at some stage, we do just need to go for. I get it I used to be perfectionistic and ended up burning out. Don’t be afraid to hit publish on a post that…

My aim was to gain 500 followers and establish better writing habits!

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Inspired by David Majister I made a pledge in May 2021 to take part in the Medium 30-Day Writing Challenge. During this challenge, I planned to write 30 posts in 30 days and submit to 30 different publications!

My personal aim:

  • Grow my followers — my goal was to reach 500 followers within 30 days. At the time of writing this post I had 324.
  • Network and connect with other writers — I wanted to learn from some of the best writers on Medium and be part of an engaging and supportive community.
  • Increase consistency of my writing — To improve my writing…

Time to zoom in on your stories

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Let’s face some home truths — it’s not about you it’s about your audience and what they want to read and respond to. If you want to be a successful writer on any platform you need to find a balance between what you want to write about and what people actually want to read!

To help you with this you need to find your niche! There are a lot of articles out there about writing for your niche, but what if you don’t know what that is? This is where the funnel approach can really help you. …


Who challenged the status quo

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To my dearest Father,

I am grateful to you.

Back in 1999, you saw an advert recruiting for a young man interested in an Information Communication Technology (ICT) / Digital Apprenticeship.

YOU chose to challenge this by saying you knew the ideal candidate!

Your daughter, me!

The excuse was I would have to lift heavy computers. Your response was — “AND?”.

So, I was given a chance at a practical interview where I needed to recondition and set up a computer — from scratch. I was told this would not be made easy and I would have to move the…

Modern Management

The traditional 9 till 5 glued to an office is out dated, but how do we manage what comes next?

Photo by Yolk CoWorking - Krakow on Unsplash

The world of working is changing, your wellbeing comes first. You now have the opportunity to work anywhere in the world regardless of your location — from the comfort of your chair (and slippers).

Lockdown restrictions around the world are slowly being lifted. Lessons learned from working from home and traditional office-based spaces are starting to form something new. More and more organisations are opting for a hybrid way of working that combines the best from both worlds. This new way of working will give teams greater options. If managed well the hybrid option provides greater flexibility, choice, and wellbeing…

Writing Challenges

How to succeed when you want to quit…

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So, you have decided to embark on an exciting writing journey to challenge yourself. Hopefully, boost your stats, improve confidence and practice better writing habits.

Now for the harsh truth — a lot of people like the idea of being a writer or taking part in a challenge to push themselves out of their comfort zones. However, they do not always put in the focus, hard work, dedication, persistence, self-discipline, and consistency required to see progress!

The number of people that drop out of writing and just about any other challenge can be rather high! …

Build a community that trusts and wants to engage with you!

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It used to be all about cold calling and hard sales, but times are changing thankfully. It’s now moving more towards building a community via storytelling that builds trust in what you the person, not the product is all about. These days people seem to have a real interest in the backstories of how a product came to be.

With that in mind storytelling and sharing personal experiences can be pretty powerful stuff, but there is a downside if it is not done correctly. …

Trisha Dunbar

Xennial | Sharing my Journey #30 & 100daysof… Challenges | Writer on wellbeing, leadership, psychology & inclusion | All views are my own @icklepixelpanda 🐼

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