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Trisha Dunbar


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Polymath | Writer | Fan of #100Daysof…Challenges

Writer Trisha Dunbar

Descended from mudlarkers, Romani-Gypsies, West Indians, and maritime folk, I’m the founder of Language Learners Journal. Which was an award-winning online blog looking at a more mindful approach to learning and teaching languages. Host of the online book club Non Fiction Hub: Reading…

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My name is Trisha, and I must confess I am a serial book sniffer. Once I get a new book, the first thing I do is stick it up my nose. Although I am pleased to say, I am not alone in this!

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Just the rustling of a nearby crisp packet was enough to trigger my inner Hulk. “Breathe,” I told myself. Then it happened. The packet opened and the crisp was going into the mouth of the random person that was sitting across from me on the train. The overall urge to…

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Sometimes when we write we really can be our very own worst critic. This may stop us from pushing the publish button, decrease our motivation, and even increase the risk of us giving up on our dreams. …

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I have just reached another milestone on my Medium journey. This is my 100th post on this platform!

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Positive psychology is a branch of psychology, however, it focuses on how to help people prosper and lead healthy, happy lives. Whilst many other branches of psychology tend to focus on dysfunction and abnormal behaviours.

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In November, I pledge to not publish a single post. Yes, you read that right! After 6 months I am taking a writing break, but inspired by the awesome Rose Butcher I am planning on giving back to the writing community on this platform. In December a change in rules…

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We are not born with a positive ‘go do‘ mindset. It is our experiences, cultural background and religious beliefs that shape who we are as individuals.

Trisha Dunbar

Top Writer, but “unequivocally” not the best! | Digital nerdvator | Editor of New Era Publication| | All views are my own @icklepixelpanda 🐼

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