#100DaysofCode Challenge Completed!

Yeah I did it AND you can too!

From drawing squares to building and programming a robot in #100daysofcode!

ecently I completed the #100DaysofCode Challenge, focusing mainly on Python, but brushing up on my HTML, CSS and JavaScript Coding skills along the way too!

I coded for 100 days in a row. Prior to this I knew nothing of Python! Jump forward I’ve gone from recreating the classic mobile snake game, to designing a retro online CV to building and programming a robot to dance!

The non-technical malarkey

Before I launch into any technical details here’s what helped me to complete the challenge…

  1. Set a Time. I allocated an hour every morning to be consistent. After 30 or so days it seemed to become habit for me and I rarely missed any days. Consistency, persistency, some accountability and self-discipline is the key to successfully completing this challenge!
  2. Have a Plan. Make sure you have a plan and a frame work in place. I found an awesome Udemy course that helped to give some structure and set some awesome tasks for me to complete. I chopped bigger goals into more manageable chunks and everyday I set a goal of a single area I wanted to work on.
  3. Journal Your Progress. I used a journal to take notes, highlight areas I needed to improve on and reflect in the challenge. To succeed in any challenge it’s important to know your ‘why’, so this was page 1 of the journal and when I felt like giving up I consulted the why page! what was my why? To learn a new skill from scratch that could be used in my professional and personal life.
  4. Join a Supportive Platform. I discovered the challenge on Twitter. There were so many supportive people on there also taking the challenge and offering encouragement. Just use the hashtag #100daysofcode to find them.
  5. Take Breaks! I started in 20 minute focused blocks then took a 5–10 minute break, where as I made a coffee or some food I would reflect on my learning. I’d then crack on for another 20 minutes or so.
  6. It’s Okay to Make Mistakes. This is how we learn best and trust me where you first start to code you make PLENTY!

The technical things I learnt

Prior to starting the challenge I was a complete newbie to Python, but had used HTML, CSS and JavaScript in the past

  • Of course… Python 3.8
  • Refreshed HTML5, CSS5 and JavaScript skills
  • Frameworks — Bootstrap 4
  • Backend — The Command line, API’s, Authentication and Authorization.
  • Git & GitHub — I have learnt how to create my own repositories, set up my own projects and deploy these projects to GitHub.

Some of my projects…

Dungeon of Doom Game
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Recreating the Classic Snake Game in Python!
Designing a Classic CV and Contact Form using HTML
Using Python to Programme a Walking Robot!
Meet Marty!

Although my end goal was to build a ‘bot’ Marty wasn’t what I initially had in mind. I meant a bot to add a little automation to my website. However. taking the challenge to the next level I ended up building a little programmable Robot with my daughter! Rather than move a turtle round a screen I can now move a dancing robot around my house! Challenge completed!

What’s Next for #100daysof… challenge? YOU decide:

The results are in and the lovely folks of Twitter have voted… I’ll be a ‘planker’! So join me on another #100Daysof… challenge!

Wanna take the challenge too?

100 Days of Code Challenge: https://100DaysOfCode.com

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